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Desktops Computers are one of the essential items needed in a home office and can also function as a family computer for almost anyone to enjoy. Desktops typically have the advantage of a larger screen than a laptop or tablet, so they're ideal for multitasking, with room for multiple windows open at the same time. Kipe it has options from a variety of trusted brands, such as Dell, Lenovo, Apple, Asus, HP and more, to fit your price range.

ASUS i7-8700K 16GB 1TB Win 10

ASUS Notebooks


ACER Ci57400 8G 1TB Win10P

Acer America Corp.


ACER Ci37100 8G 1TB Win10P

Acer America Corp.


ACER G4560 4G 1TB Win10 Pro

Acer America Corp.


ACER PG4560T 4G 128SSD Win10Pro

Acer America Corp.


ACER Ci57400 8G 2TB RX480 W10

Acer America Corp.


ACER 24" T Ci37100 6G 1TB Win10H

Acer Consumer


ACER 24" 1920x1200 IPS w Speakers

Acer America Corp.